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High Temperature Variable Reluctance Sensors

Variable reluctance speed sensors for extreme high temperature applications. Feature an operating temperature range of -450°F to +850°F and +1000°F intermittently. Standard models are equipped with a flexible stainless steel braided sheath that can withstand exposure to +1000°F. Special materials and construction prevent damage from physical abuse and thermal shock. In addition, all High Temperature magnetic sensors are hermetically sealed.

  • Variable Reluctance (VR) or inductive type (no internal magnet)
  • Hermetically sealed, heli-arc welded construction
  • Three (3) foot stainless steel overbraided lead (custom length available upon request)
  • 300 stainless steel housing (locknut included)
  • Magnet that resists demagnetization
  • Unique potting that compensates for temperature extremes
  • Focusing tip (pole piece) which allows greater air gap with no signal loss
  • Operating temperature range: -450°F to +850°F & +1000°F intermittently
  • IR leakage: 50 Mohms @ 50 VDC minimum
  • High signal output
  • Unconditional six (6) month warranty if used within specifications
ATEX & IECEx Certified: Custom & Standard Speed Sensors for Intrinsically Safe applications (also approved by CSA w/NRTL/C)