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Hermetically Sealed VR Speed Sensors

Premium series VR speed sensors are hermetically sealed for resistance to moisture and other atmospheric contamination and can withstand repeated thermocycling in temperatures ranging from -450°F to +450°F, making them ideal for use in aerospace and other applications with broad temperature ranges. They are also excellent for use in cyrogenics for their ability to operate dependably at extremely low temperatures for long periods of time.

  • Variable Reluctance (VR) or inductive type (no internal magnet)
  • Hermetically sealed, heli-arc welded construction
  • Two (2) pin gold plated glass sealed connector (mates with: MS3106-10SL-4S)
  • 300 series stainless steel housing (lock-nut included)
  • Magnet that resists demagnetization
  • Unique potting that compensates for temperature extremes
  • Focusing tip (pole piece) which allows greater air gap with no signal loss
  • High signal output
  • Temperature range: -450°F to +450°F
    (-270°C to +232°C)
  • IR leakage: 100 Mohms @ 100 VDC minimum
  • High Shock and Vibration resistance
    (MIL-Std-202G METHOD 214A, Test Condition H)
  • Intrinsically Safe certified versions available (ATEX and CSA)
  • Unconditional one (1) year warranty if used within specifications
ATEX & IECEx Certified: Custom & Standard Speed Sensors for Intrinsically Safe applications (also approved by CSA w/NRTL/C)